Daegu is a city of living legacy and charm embracing 3,000 years of history. Nestled within wooded mountains and the Gumhogang river flowing around it, Daegu is an ideal place to convene and relax. The conference participants are assured of a warm welcome and a comfortable stay in Daegu, a city with many historic legacies registered as the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. For more information about Daegu, please click.

Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu Suseong-gu

HOTEL INTER-BURGO DAEGU became the 5 star hotel for the first time in Daegu in 2001. Being located in Manwoo park, it is surrounded by the beautiful nature and features 342 rooms, convention hall which is suitable for any international event and the latest pipe organ(51stops). It gives pride to residents in Daegu, and it is so loved that both past and present presidents stayed in the hotel. To be not the world best, but the world most respectable hotel, it services its visitors with all sincereness.


Hall Information

*The schedule or place may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances

Joyfull Hall is the place to be Main Room. (Tutorials, Opening/Closing Ceremony, Keynote, Sessions)

Happy Hall is the place to be Session Room. (Tutorials, Sessions)

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Convention Hall is the place to be Banquet, Poster Session and Lunch.

Hotel Facility


Hotel Inter-Burgo Casino is exclusively open for foreigners and it has contributed to a global leisure tourism development.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The swimming pool with four 25m lanes is equipped with an automatic water temperature regulation system set at 28~30℃ for ideal swimming conditions. The system also maintains the water quality, controlled by an automatic purification system. Please enjoy our indoor swimming pool with the fantastic view of Gum-Ho river


Sauna Male & Female, It features wet sauna room made with jades, far-infrared radiation and dry sauna room and your body will experience the benefit of jade from the hot, cold and warm bathtubs.

Health Club

Gym- gym, The gym is equipped with 20 treadmills, 40 weight lift equipment and provides a terrace with the natural beauty from Gum-Ho river. Our professional trainers will assist you to excercise more efficiently.

Indoor Driving Range

Hotel Inter-Brugo indoor driving rage in the fitness center supports for your golfing skill development, providing the latest golf simulators with full swing analysis system.